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“Which acne product should I use?” is probably the most common question you would ask yourself when shopping for acne products. With the amount of information we can get through social media right now, it makes it even harder to decide which one to choose. Advertisements of the acne products in the market today all show off very promising before and after results. Who would not be tempted to try them out to finally get rid of acne, right?

People who have been battling acne for a very long time now however should know better. They would instinctively think that the last product they have tried promised the same dramatic results, only to find out it did not do them any good. They would almost automatically doubt if a particular product would be worth their money.

So, how is this new acne product any different from that equally expensive product you tried last month, you ask? Well, do your homework. If you see that you have tried another product before that did not work for you, and it as the same components and specifications as to the one you’re about to try now, don’t even think about buying it. What you should do is find out first about the intensity of your condition. I think that an average person could identify between mild acne and severe acne just by the look of it.

Less and less people are now ignorant to the fact that dirt and bacteria causes acne. Possibly not in all cases , of course. But if it is mild acne you have, make sure to wash your face two or three times daily with a mild soap or cleanser. If breakouts continue from time to time, you should probably start using acne products that you can get over the counter. These would contain ingredients that would dry the spot out and target the bacteria causing the breakout. For severe acne however, you might want to try out acne products or treatment methods that are not topical like skin injections or pills. These goes into your body and you could be at risk of some side effects. That is why it is always best to see a skin expert first. There are also acne treatments like chemical peels, laser and other light therapies. These procedures will be administered according to the type of acne you have, the severity of the condition and sadly sometimes, to what you can afford.

It surely would not hurt to do a little research. You might be losing all hopes of being finally acne-free until you find what you find the acne product or procedure for a permanent fix.

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